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Auto Multiport Valves

Dosing Pumps

Speciality Resins for Iron, Arsenic & Floride


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Chemicals Ozonator
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Water ATM Stainless Steel Tank

FRP Composite Vessel

Our filament wound fiber glass reinforced plastic pressure vessel is the material of choice for commercial and industrial water treatment system. The FRP vessel comprise of either a high grade corrosion resistant GRP or a poly ethylene liner (corrosion barrier) for all standard water treatment application including deionization and offers a wide chemical resistance outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environment impact and weather resistant structural laminate perception molded threaded tank openings and supported with GRP support base (tripod/skirt) stand capable of bearing complete load.

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FRP Vessels are also available with Manhole, Hand hole, Bed Plate and Lateral Header distribution system and also as per the design of client.

Operating Parameters
1.Maximum operating pressure : 150psi / l0 bar
2.Maximum operating temperature : 150 F / 65 C
3.Vacuum maximum : 127 mm Hg

Design Parameters [ASME Standard]

Safety Factor:
5:1 Top Bottom flange (Min burst at 750 psi/ 52 bar)
6:1 Side flange (Min burst at 900 psi/ 62 bar)

Cycle Test:
33000 without leakage (Top Bottom flange)
100000 without leakage (Side flange)

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Multi Port Valve

ISW Industries is the most preferred company to the leading OEM's of premium quality components for water and waste water treatment plants, which was followed by producing Multiport Valves of the same quality for Filters, Softeners & DM plants.

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Prominent features of multi port valve:
  • An ably designed product with multiple features.
  • Manufactured using engineering plastic of the finest quality which is uv and high impact resistant.
  • Made using long lasting spider rings & pressure rings in ss316 l.
  • Simple & smooth handling and an extremely quite operation.
  • Optimal how rates & pressure loss results
  • Manual & easy adaptable for automatic controller.
  • Can be top mounted as well as side mounted.

Available sizes & optional accessories:

  • Ranges from 20NB, 25NB, 40NB, 65NB
  • Mounting can be both top and side mount specification.

Supplied as Standard :

  • The data in the table are tested under the inlet pressure @ 2.0 kg/cm2 and this data is for reference only valve specification is subject of change.
  • The information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on products and there uses it should not therefore be, constructed as a guaranteeing specific properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application.

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Auto Multi Port Valve

Application area :
Filter / Softner
Swimming pools

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Prominent features of multi port valve:
  • 4 Programmable Inputs & 4 Outputs
  • Available In 4 Sizes - Max 35 m3/hr
  • Level Controller Built in
  • Flow rate Indicator cum Totalizer Built in
  • RS- 485 Communication Port Standard
  • Operates on 100 - 250 Volts
  • Controls Dosing pumps as well as
  • Separate Backwash pump or Standby pump
  • Manual Disc Assembly is Provided

Available sizes & optional accessories:

  • Ranges from 20NB, 25NB, 40NB, 50NB, 65NB
  • Mounting can be both top and side mount specification.

  Our Auto Multiport valve brand "Initiative"  



Our customers can purchase from us superior Resins, which is complete range of Indion, Cation and Anion exchange resins. Used in water, waste water treatment, these are used in Pharmaceutical, Nuclear and Chemical industry. Also, these are manufactured in accordance with international standards. Our customers can purchase these resins at market leading prices.

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Dosing Pumps

Features :

  • 0 to 6 LPH
  • High temperature protection
  • Automatic air release
  • Constant Dosing Rate between 150 V and 250 V
  • Automatic tripping below 150 V and above 250 V of power supply
  • Controls with digital display and keys
  • Highly polished ZIRCONIA BALLS offer excellent NRV characteristics
  • Braided 20 kg/cm2 class tubing to prevent pinching.

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  Our Dosing Pump brand "Initiative"    



Features :

  • Multistage Pump Features :
  • Power Range(kW) 0.37 kW - 110 kW
  • Class of Insulation 'F' / 'B' (Optional)
  • Discharge Range upto 200 m3/h
  • Head Range 10 - 330 m

  • Monoblock Pump Features :
  • Single Phase Three Phase
  • Power range 0.37 kW - 2.2 kW 2.2 kW - 15 kW
  • Speed 2900 rpm 2900 rpm
  • Insulation Class F / B F / B
  • Suction lift upto 7 m 7 m
  • Discharge range 1 -42 m3/h 18 -12 0m3/h
  • Head Range 6 - 51 m 5 - 77 m

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  Our Pump brand "Leo"  




Distribution System
Available in following capacity :
  • In-Out Adapter
  • Oxydation Chamber Strainer
  • 5 m3/ Hr (Double Strainer)
  • 6 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)
  • 9 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)
  • 12 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)
  • 15 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)
  • 25 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)
  • 40 m3/ Hr (Lateral Hub System)

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  Our Distribution System brand "Initiative"  





 2 line Display of 6 instruments &    Plant Status
 Indication of 2 flow and 4    instruments
   (ex. Conductivity, Pressure, pH,    ORP etc)
 Sends SMS to 2 PCs/ Tablet/Smart     Phone of all
    instruments Digital Inputs, Total     Quantity of Pure Water &     Running Hours
 Starts and Stops plant remotely    and manually
 Control and monitor Auto MPV
 Sequential Start / Stop Based on    Tank Level
 Auto Flushing with RWP & / or HPP

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Starter Panel

Available range
 TC Panel
  Single Phase Submersible Pump    upto 2 HP
 IPC Panel
 ARO Panel
 LCU Panel

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Sensor Switch & Transmitters

Flow Sensors- In Line Turbine Type
 3/4th inch/20 NB Flow Sensor
    Max Flow-1000 lph
 1 inch/25 NB Flow Sensor
    Max Flow-6000 lph
 2 inch/50 NB Flow Sensor
    Max Flow-25000 lph
 Insertion Type Flow Sensor
   In Line Paddlewheel Type Pulse    type Flow Sensor

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 Dosing Switch : Positive Displacement Dosing Flow Sensors
 Brine Switch : Level Switch to Detect Brine
 Low Pressure Switch
 Floaty : Level Switches for Auto MPV based Level Control (Wire - Common    /NO/NC Potential     Free Contact)

 Conductivity Transmitter : 4-20mA, 4-wire Conductivity Transmitters 0-2000    Customized on Request
 pH Transmitter : 4-20mA, 4 wire pH Transmitters pH Range 0-14
 ORP Transmitter : 4-20mA, +/- 1000mV, 4 wire Transmitters

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RO Components & Purification System

Our customers can purchase from us a quality range of RO Components & Purification System. These are made of superior components and purifies the water completely. Also, these systems are easy to install and light in weight. Our customers can get these systems in following range:

  • Domestic RO membranes between 50 GPD400 GPD
  • Domestic RO pumps (50 / 75 /100 / GPD)
  • Domestic RO Systems

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We are engaged in offering superior quality Chemicals. These are range of anti-scalent for improved membrane performance & cleaning products for restoring the performance of membrane & RO system along with Boiler water treatment & Cooling tower solution. Quality tested on different parameters, these can be purchased at market leading prices.




Our ozone generator is a new line of ozonizers, easy to use and complete ideal for laboratory, Research Institutes, Water Treatment Plant and pilot tests. Ozone is produced starting from air sucked from ambient and transformed in ozone. This new line of ozone generators is fully assembled and tested in factory. It includes mechanical, electrical and instrumental fittings.

Benefits :
Modular design
User friendly
Easy to install and operate
Minimum maintenance
Lower operating costs
Long life

Advantages :
Most powerful oxidizer available
improves flocculation of iron
Increases the shelf life of bottled water.
Produces safe & bacteria-free drinking water.
Been used for decades
No harmful by-products
Environmentally friendly

Precision glass dielectrics
Based on the principle of corona discharge
Forced Air cooled electrodes
Designed for continuous duty
Short circuit protection
Continuous and steady operation
High ozone concentration

Technical Specifications :
230 volts input 50 Hz single phase
High Frequency High voltage
Heat resistant ozone cell
Ozone resistant dielectric polymer
Auto cut-off safety circuit.
High Ozone resistant piping & fittings
High Ozone resistant electronic components

Range Available :
0.5gm/Hr to 100gm/Hr

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  Remote Monitoring System

Key Features:

  • Monitor Quality & Quantity of Water 24x7
  • Health of the Plant
    -Tripping/Choking due to any condition
    -Low/High Pressure indications (LPS/HPS)
  • Get plant data from upto 500 sites in real time-like a digital logbook
  • Data includes flow rate total volume, % recovery, pressure, conductivity, pH, ORP etc.
    status of all Switches eg tank levels, dosing Switch, pressure Switches
    electrical data such as Voltage, Current, kw, kwh, Frequency, power factor
  • Get mobile Alerts for Any Malfunction/ daily email & SMS Summary of All Sites
  • Start Backwash/Regeneration as well as change Set timings Remotely with CROWN
  • Stop & Restart Your RO/UF/STP/ETP Plant Remotely with CROWN

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Our Remote Monitoring System brand "Initiative"



  Water ATM

Key Features:

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Our Water ATM brand "Initiative"



  Filter Media

We Offer:

  • Sand gravels
  • Activated Carbon of different grade
  • Manganese Di Oxide
  • Activated Alumina
  • Speciality Resins for Iron, Arsenic and Flouride Treatment.


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