Cooling Water Teatment Chemicals

The Major Problems encountered in the Cooling Water systems are
Scaling, Corrosion, Deposition and Biological Fouling.
The main objective of cooling water treatment chemicals are to get rid of the above mentioned problems, increase in equipments life and to prevent unscheduled shut down

Our complete ranges of products are as follows:

  Scale Corrosion inhibitor
  Scale , Corrosion inhibitor blended with polymer.
  Corrosion Inhibitor (Yellow Metal Protection)
  Corrosion Inhibitor (for Close Loop Systems)
  Corrosion Inhibitor(for Close Loop)
  Scale/ Corrosion inhibitor blended with polymer.
  Scale and corrosion inhibitor blended with polymer.
  Scale /corrosion inhibitor with azole.
  Polymer for Deposit Control
  Oxidising Biocide
  Oxidizing Biocide
  Non oxidising Biocide, quatebased
  Non-oxidising Biocide, carbamate based.
  Bio Dispersant
  Oil Dispersant
  Iron dispercent & Sludge Conditioner.